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AC Circuits Manuals
by Wayne M. Hope

AC Circuits Text Manual, Lab Manual & Problem Manual

AC Circuits Training Manuals AC Circuits Lab Manual AC Circuits Problem Manuals
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What Is A Text Manual?

A text manual is really just another form of presenting the same material commonly found in a text book. We have been conditioned to what constitutes a text book by many years of using those texts published by large publishing companies. We feel it is time for you to take a look at those heavy tomes and see if they are really fulfilling the needs of your classroom and your students.

Consider color for example. Look at the text you are presently using and ask yourself if color is being used effectively. Is it serving any useful function at all? Most texts use color for shading in tables or parts of circuits, places that really do not need color at all. So why is it there? One reason is to keep the price of a text high because the higher priced the product, the more money publishers make.

Have you noticed how texts have grown over the last number of years? They have grown in page size and in the number of pages. It's almost as though they have been eating at a popular drive-through. In the process they have become unwieldy. Many students will not carry a heavy text around all day, even if they can afford the price tags that are approaching $200. They are just too heavy! Is all this necessary?

So we have coined the term "text manual" to describe our books because the word "manual" is associated by many with a somewhat lower level of product. Now, what do we mean by "lower level?" Certainly not inferior! Course packs and manuals are what makes education work today! We mean lower level in the sense that the expectations are somewhat lower. With a manual, you do not expect opaque high-gloss paper, or perfect binding, or hard covers. And probably you don't expect color. And you don't expect it to last 100 years! Like your own course packs, it really only needs to last a semester or two.

What we provide in a text manual is careful and concise coverage of all the theory required to get a good start in electronics, and with plenty of examples to illustrate the typical problems encountered. You will notice, as you review this text manuals, that there are no problem sets ending each chapter, and there is no appendix. Companion problem manuals and lab manuals are available for this text. Upon adoption, all appendix material is provided so you can add it to your college's computers and distribute it digitally to your students. Free! And in color, where needed! And all the photos are provided in color as well. Free!

Many young learners feel intimidated at the thought of reading an 80 to 100-page chapter. We really believe we have struck the correct balance in providing the right material in a clear and concise voice that your students can read with ease.

Table of Contents

  • 5 AC POWER

AC Circuits Manuals Available:

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